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Balar Equipment Garbage Truck Rentals

Huge selection of rental garbage trucks including Front Loaders, Side Loader, Rear Loaders & Roll Off Trucks.

Full Line of Garbage Truck & Roll-Off Rentals

We have a dedicated rental fleet of professionally maintained Front loaders, Side Loaders Rear Loaders, and Roll Off Trucks. All ready for immediate delivery!

Why Rent Your Garbage Truck or Rolloff?

More and more private and public haulers, cities, counties and municipalities are turning to short term or long-term rentals. Whether it’s to supplement their existing fleet or needing a temporary solution for immediate demands or preparing to capitalize on substantial growth opportunities, renting a garbage truck may be the best solution.

Increase Productivity & Decrease Expenses

Renting helps you control your costs. Renting can significantly reduce your maintenance costs and reduce your operating expenses. And by offering the latest truck technology, you can rent and test the most efficient trucks on the market today.

Latest Model Garbage Trucks

Brand new or less than one year old garbage trucks available now. All equipment is under factor warranty. Sharpen your competitive edge with the newest, most productive equipment on the market.

Run Your Business at Peak Efficiency

Never miss out on an opportunity! Whether seeking temporary solutions for a truck down or preparing to capitalize on substantial growth opportunities, renting a garbage truck enables you to respond to the ebbs and flows of your business.

Flexible Solutions

Short term or long term rentals available. Whether you have a truck down or seasonal demands, a contract start-up or a new truck order delayed, we have short term or long term rental plans and we have a plan that will work for you.


Garbage Truck Rentals

Balar Equipment offers a wide range of rental solutions. And no one makes renting a garbage truck easier than Balar Equipment.


Automated Front Loader Garbage Truck Rentals

With major productivity enhancements, the Heil® Half/Pack® Automated Residential front loader is a game-changer.  It’s innovative engineering sets a new standard and delivers industry leading productivity. It takes your refuse collection to a place you never thought it could go, and helps you make more money on the route.


Commercial Front Load Garbage Truck Rentals

Heil® front loaders are legendary. Renowned for their durability, dependability and toughness, the Heil® Half/Pack® front loader is a proven leader in waste collection.  Capable of hauling the largest legal payload, Heil® front loaders provide higher reliability and greater profitability.  They can easily handle any and all residential or commercial routes with ease.


Side Load Garbage Truck Rentals

Automated side loaders have been synonymous with Heil® since their inception four decades ago. They are built to last and engineered to optimize productivity. Waste haulers profit by using Heil side loaders and benefit by their improved safety, ease of operation, maintenance simplicity and overall on-the-job efficiency.

The Best Brands

Roll-Off & Grapple Truck Rentals

Balar Equipment carries a full line of Rental Roll-Off and Grapple trucks for every application.


Roll-Off Truck Rentals

Roll-Off trucks are a great choice when it comes to picking up bulk loads. They are highly effective for jobs that require large containers to be dropped off on-site and later picked up and transported. They service a multitude of industries including construction debris, scrap metal, garbage, and waste collection. Sunbelt Roll-Off Rentals has a great selection of roll-off units available for rent.


Grapple Truck Rentals

Grapple booms trucks can be used for a variety of applications but are typically used to pick up heavy and bulky waste. Grapple trucks are ideal for the collection of bulky garbage and waste salvage and they can get difficult jobs done safely and cost-effectively. Used by over 1,000 municipalities, public works departments, and waste collection companies nationwide, Balar Equipment has Petersen grapple units available for rent.

Trucks Ready To Go

Garbage Truck Rentals In Stock NOW!

The waste industry experts at Balar Equipment provide garbage truck rentals personalized for your specific business needs. Get in touch, we are here to help!
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